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Labor Laws


At Virtual Intelligence Colombia, we understand that our employees may need to take time off for various reasons. We have outlined our paid and unpaid leave policies to ensure clarity and consistency. These policies are designed to support our employees while maintaining operational efficiency. Below is a detailed explanation of the different types of leave, categorized into predictable and unpredictable situations, and the respective procedures for requesting and approving these leaves.


Predictable Leave

Permission for Medical Appointments and Procedures:

Employees are entitled to take time off to attend scheduled medical appointments or procedures. This leave can result in medical incapacity and should be requested in advance.


Maternity or Paternity Leave:

This leave is granted when an employee or their spouse/partner is expecting a child. Maternity leave consists of 127 days starting from the birth, with possible extensions for multiple or premature births. Paternity leave consists of 14 days starting from the birth.

Our goal is to work with customers to create a continuity plan since we have advance notice.


Days Requested in Advance for Non-Working:

These are unpaid days off requested by the employee in advance. Approval from the company is required.



Employees who complete one year of service are entitled to 15 days of vacation. These days should be scheduled in advance and approved by the company according to operational needs. Vacation days can be taken before completing a year, with a minimum of 6 consecutive days taken within a year.


Suspension for Disciplinary Reasons:

This leave results from a disciplinary process and involves suspending the employment contract for a defined period. The duration is determined by the severity of the offense and communicated through official documentation.


Unpredictable Leave

Medical Leave:

Granted for recovery based on medical orders. The healthcare provider determines the duration, except for maternity or paternity leave predefined by law.


Domestic Calamities:

Leave for unexpected events requiring the employee’s attention, such as severe health issues of a close family member, kidnapping or disappearance of a close family member, or serious damage to the home due to unforeseen events.


Bereavement Leave:

A 5-day leave is granted when a close family member passes away. The deceased must be within the specified degrees of relation: second-degree consanguinity, first-degree affinity, or first-degree civil, including spouse, parent, child, sibling, grandparent, grandchild, parent-in-law, adoptive child, or adoptive parent.


This introduction and categorization aim to help employees and clients easily understand the various leave policies and their applications.