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Uncompromising Security for Your Insurance Agency

Robust Solutions for your agency. We build security protection beyond limits.

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Elevate Your Insurance Agency’s Security Game with Our Bold Solutions

In the changing world of insurance, security reigns supreme. We understand its paramount importance, which is why we don’t just take necessary steps — we take bold strides. While others may skimp on safeguarding your agency’s data, we invest in the robust security it deserves.

Our commitment goes beyond mere boasts about building our own security infrastructure. We believe in specialization, entrusting experts dedicated solely to fortifying your agency’s defenses. In the area of security, we don’t cut corners; we invest in the best to ensure your agency’s data is not just protected but fortified by top-notch professionals. Your security is our priority — always.

Top-Tier Security Protection for Your Agency

Fortify your insurance agency’s fortress. View our cutting-edge security features below:

  • Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA): Elevate security with multi-layered defense for email and cloud, adding an extra layer of verification.
  • 24/7 Computer Video Surveillance: Ensure constant monitoring and stay ahead of potential threats to your digital space.
  • Encrypted, Secure Connection: Stay confident with our encrypted connection protocols, creating a virtual shield around your agency’s data for tamper-proof communication.
  • VE’s Top-Notch Security Training: Empower your Virtual Employees with top-notch security training, turning them into proactive guardians of your agency’s digital space.
  • In-House Security: Benefit from personalized security expertise with Light Speed Solutions. We’re always ready to respond to challenges and ensure vigilant protection.

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Security is our priority. Get back to focusing on your business with minimal worry.

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