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Virtual Intelligence Welcomes Davie Holt as New President

Innovative Partnership with Industry Veterans to Propel Company Growth

October 30, 2023 – Virtual Intelligence, a leader in providing outsourced virtual employees for the insurance industry, is excited to announce the appointment of Davie Holt as the new President of the company. Davie Holt, renowned for his extensive experience and remarkable achievements in business leadership, growth, scaling, and entrepreneurship, is set to bring a transformative vision to Virtual Intelligence.

Joining as both President and part owner, Davie Holt will be working closely with insurance industry veterans Jason Cass and Travis Etheridge. This powerful collaboration is poised to leverage their combined expertise in pioneering new projects and investments within the insurance sector.

A Vision for Growth and Team Building

Davie Holt’s focus will be centered on three key areas: driving revenue growth, fostering team development, and spearheading overall company development. His proven track record in these domains is expected to significantly enhance Virtual Intelligence’s capabilities and market position.

A Partnership for the Future

The synergy between Davie Holt, Jason Cass, and Travis Etheridge is anticipated to create a dynamic and innovative environment, facilitating the company’s expansion and adaptation to the evolving needs of the insurance industry. This strategic partnership marks a significant step in the company’s journey towards becoming a frontrunner in providing cutting-edge virtual employee solutions.

About Virtual Intelligence

Virtual Intelligence is at the forefront of offering outsourced virtual employee services tailored for the insurance industry. The company prides itself on its commitment to innovation, customer service excellence, and its ability to provide efficient, tech-driven solutions to its clients.

Quote from the Co-Founder and Managing Partner, Jason Cass

We are humbled to welcome and partner with such an exceptional executive in Davie Holt. Davie is well known, liked and respected in the insurance industry. He has led large corporate teams and understands what it is like to break new ground in established organizations. Our position is for Virtual Intelligence to be seen as the only workforce and labor solution for agents and brokers. Davie’s skills are exactly what we need to help agents fight the cost of service and sales, while boosting productivity. Davie choosing to partner with us is a great day for our company and this great industry.

**Note to Editors:**

 For more information about Virtual Intelligence and its new President Davie Holt, please visit our website, or contact our public relations department.

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